Grad Student Awards 2012-13

September 27, 2013

DGS Kamesh Munagala and award recipients Alexandros Iliopoulos, Pablo Gainza, and Janardhan Kulkarni

Graduate student awards for 2012-13 were presented at the annual departmental meeting. Congratulations to the recipients:

Outstanding PhD Dissertation Award
Susanna Ricco
Advisor: Carlo Tomasi
Video Motion: Finding Complete Motion Paths for Every Visible Point

Outstanding PhD Preliminary Exam Award
Janardhan Kulkarni
Advisor: Kamesh Munagala
Dual Fitting Framework for Coordination Games

Outstanding Masters Award
Bharath Kumar Chelepalli
Advisor: Ashwin Machanavajjhala
Graph De‐anonymization

Outstanding Research Initiation Project (RIP) Award
Sandeep Agrawal
Advisor: Alvin Lebeck
Rhythm: Harnessing Data Parallel Hardware for Server Workloads
Alexandros Iliopoulos
Advisor: Xiaobai Sun
Large-scale Image Stitching and De-ghosting

Outstanding TA Award
Alexandros Illiopoulos
CPS 220, Intro to Numerical Methods/Analysis, with Xiaobai Sun

Departmental Service Award
Pablo Gainza