Grad Student Awards Presented for 2011-12

September 17, 2012

Professor Richard Lucic (right) presents the Outstanding PhD Preliminary Exam Award to Pablo Gainza

Graduate student awards for 2011-12 were presented at the annual departmental meeting. Congratulations to the recipients:

Outstanding PhD Dissertation Awards
Herodotos Herodotou
Advisor: Shivnath Babu
Automatic Tuning of Data-Intensive Analytical Workloads
Sharathkumar Raghvendra
Advisor: Pankaj Agarwal
Geometric Approximation Algorithms - A Summary Based Approach

Outstanding PhD Preliminary Exam Award
Pablo Gainza
Advisor: Bruce Donald
Protein Design Algorithms using Continuous Flexibility and their Application to Antibiotic Resistance Prediction

Outstanding Research Initiation Project (RIP) Award
Salman Parsa
Advisor: Herbert Edelsbrunner
Reeb Graph Computation for a PL Function on a Simplicial Complex

Outstanding TA Awards
Janardhan Kulkarni
Course 130, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, spring semester, with Pankaj Agarwal
Vamsi Thummala
Course 182S, The Technical and Social Analysis of Information, spring semester, with Owen Astrachan