Grad Student Awards Presented for 2006-2007

September 07, 2007

Graduate student awards for 2006-7 were presented at the annual departmental meeting. Congratulations to the recipients:

Outstanding PhD Dissertation Award
Dazhi Wang
Advisor: Kishor Trivedi
Service Reliability: Models, Algorithms and Applications
(Also nominated for the ACM Doctoral Dissertation Award)

Outstanding Master's Thesis Award
Anita Lungu
Advisor: Daniel Sorin
Verification-Aware Processor Design

Outstanding Doctoral Candidacy Award
Piyush Shivam
Advisor: Jeffrey Chase
Active Learning of Application Models for Utility Resource Planning
Aydan Yumerefendi
Advisor: Jeffrey Chase
System Support for Strong Accountability

Outstanding Research Initiation Project Award
Raluca Gordan
Advisor: Alex Hartemink
Incorporating Multiple Informative Priors into a Gibbs Sampling Algorithm for {de novo} Motif Discovery

Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award
Laura Grit
COMPSCI 82S: Intellectual Property Rights, Spring 2007

Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award
Bei Wang
COMPSCI 102: Discrete Mathematics, Spring 2007
Instructor: Herbert Edelsbrunner

Outstanding Graduate Departmental Service Award
Tingting Jiang
For her dedicated service to the Department of Computer Science and the Graduate Program

For more information, see the graduate awards page